"Primax" Limited is a company that has been in used clothing sales and exportation business since 2004'.

Our company has earned a reputation amongst customers for impeccable quality and swift delivery, thus we have gained the trust of contractors. Acquired knowledge of the international market along with years of experience co-operating with producers allow us to offer our customers high quality goods at attractive prices.

We possess years of experience in trading clothing

We deliver around the globe, offering only the best quality clothing. Amongst our collection, we possess clothing tailored for African markets as well as many others.

Goods are only UK and Ireland origin. Our main delivery destinations are Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Our services offer sorted and unsorted used clothing and shoes. Goods are sold loosely or in bales of 45-450 kg (100 - 1000 lbs). All shipping solutions to our contractors, including sea-cargo, are organized either by us or buyers.
The range of our products inclues:
-summer (tropical) clothing
-winter clothing
-cleaning (industrial) wipes
-shop returns
and other...

We also own a warehouse in Lomé (Togo)

All buyers willing to check the range of our products and quality of the goods are welcome to visit the warehouse. To find us just click here

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